Welcome to Solis Estudio,  Found by a visionary designer based on the picturesque Gold Coast of Australia. With an illustrious international portfolio that spans the vibrant Americas, the historic landscapes of Europe, and the dynamic cities of Asia, Cesar has cemented his status as Interntaional designer.

Discover the art of exceptional design with Cesar Solis and his team, the Gold Coast's renowned design Studio with a global touch. Specializing in world-class homes, bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Experience design that transcends imagination

International Expertise, Local Masterpiece

Cesar Solis brings a fusion of global inspiration and local expertise to create spaces that are not just structures, but experiences. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, reinvent your business space, or create the next iconic hotspot, you've come to the right place. Cesar’s designs are not just seen; they are felt.

Home Designs that Redefine Living

Imagine a home that understands your needs before you do, spaces that flow seamlessly and harmoniously. Solis Estudio is celebrated for crafting the world's best home designs that are intuitive, elegant, and timeless. His residential projects reflect your deepest desires, mirroring the comfort and luxury you yearn for.

Hospitality Design That Captivates

Solis Estudio signature can be found in some of the most stunning bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants around the globe. His ability to create atmospheres that resonate with every visitor sets him apart. From intimate lounges to grandiose dining halls, each project is an invitation to an unforgettable experience.

Connecting Continents

With a rich collaboration of architect Studios in the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, Solis EStudio is continous involve into international projects.


Praised for his intuitive approach, Cesar Solis is often described as a mind-reader when it comes to understanding his clients’ unspoken dreams. His ability to translate your thoughts into concrete reality is nothing short of extraordinary. Prepare to be amazed as he unveils a design that perfectly aligns with your vision.


Described as a property with Mediterranean, Arabic and Asian influences that also incorporates a Gold Coast twist, La Rosa blends indoor living with an effortless alfresco lifestyle..


Looking for the best  designer on the Gold Coast? Search for “Solis Estudio,” “Gold Coast home design,” “world-class hospitality designer,” or “international architectural prodigy” to find us on Google. Let’s turn your dreams into reality.