Drift into a realm where the ocean's embrace becomes the ultimate luxury at La Luna, Australia’s premier floating Beach Club. A celestial sanctuary for the senses, La Luna merges the spirit of the Mediterranean with the bliss of maritime splendor. Indulge in the radiance of the marina from a sun-kissed pool, daybed, or private cabana as you bask in the venue's million-dollar panoramas and exclusive ambience.


Step into Karina’s Kitchen, where a once-empty warehouse is reborn as a culinary stage befitting New York loft splendor. Designed for a celebrated food blogger, this industrial-chic space elevates gastronomical artistry into an internationally-acclaimed filming and editing studio—the quintessential modern-day kitchen where flavor meets film.



Envision the Adriatic Pearl Boutique Hotel, a 3-level architectural masterpiece in Croatia, where classical beauty meets modern narrative. This remarkable establishment augments its historic urban setting while capitalizing on the opulent coastal landscapes, offering every guest a visual feast of oceanic and mountainous splendor across all floors.


Meaning “Original” in Balinese, this tropical oasis is a home steeped in historical cultural architecture with a sophisticated contemporary edge. Design elements of earth, air, fire and water are infused into this modern meets traditional Balinese haven. Its lush gardens and use of natural materials curates a Zen of relaxation. Come home to Bali Mula.




Imagine a locale where coffee brews amidst blooming bouquets; this is the tale of transformation from tired milk bar to uplifting Café/Florist. Bold industrial design elements weave through the space, creating an indoor and alfresco retail haven that serves as a sophisticated café and a florist's paradise, rooted in community and style.



Elevate your business presence with the exceptional commercial building designs crafted by the esteemed Solis Estudio, based on the Gold Coast. Immerse yourself in  brilliance design with a firm that not only understands the art of design but also embodies it. Cesar Solis and his team, excels in transforming commercial spaces into landmarks of innovation and style—whether it’s a state-of-the-art corporate headquarters, an inviting retail space, or a cutting-edge hospitality venue.

Innovative Commercial design Solutions

At Solis Estudio, we specialize in innovative commercial building designs that stand out in the urban landscape. Our team, led by the accomplished Cesar Solis, infuses each project with a unique energy and vision, driven by our global network of architects from Europe, America, and Latin America, ensuring your project benefits from a diversity of creative input.

Cesar Solis: A Name Synonymous with Visionary Commercial Design

With a keen eye for detail and a relentless drive to push boundaries, Cesar Solis, has mastered the art of commercial design. Businesses across the Gold Coast and beyond trust Cesar’s visionary approach to bring dynamism and distinction to their projects.

Tailored Commercial Building Plans to Fit Your Brand

Understanding that every business is unique, Solis Estudio offers tailor-made commercial building plans that align perfectly with your brand identity and business goals. Our meticulous design process ensures functionality meets aesthetic appeal in our pursuit of construction perfection.

Solis Estudio is committed to creating commercial spaces that not only meet the practical demands of business operations but also inspire and engage those who encounter them. Our dedication to crafting environments that enhance human interaction and business efficiency is evident in every project we undertake.

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Solis Estudio is where your vision for an iconic cafe, bar, club, hotel, or coffee shop interior is transformed into a tangible and breathtaking reality. We offer tailored advice and collaboratively work with you to achieve a design that not only impresses but also sets the foundation for business success.

Crafting spaces that resonate with your clientele while optimizing functionality is our commitment. Breathe new life into your commercial venture with Solis Estudio, where innovative design meets commercial acumen. Contact us today to shape the future of your commercial space. 

Experience a seamless transition from visionary concept drawings to practical building plans with Solis Estudio. We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach, ensuring each stage of the commercial design journey reflects your business’s inherent values and ambition.

Your search for an unparalleled commercial building design experience ends with Solis Estudio. Embark on this transformative journey where your commercial aspirations become a reality that elevates your business to new heights of design acclaim.

Partner with Solis Estudio to ensure your commercial project achieves the pinnacle of design excellence and establishes your place with distinctive design. Reach out to us today and set the foundation for a commercial space that epitomizes success.

Expertise in Niche Commercial Interiors

Cafe Interior Designer, Bar Interior Designer, Club Interior Designer, Hotel Interior Designer, Coffee Shop Interior Designer

These aren’t just specialist services; they’re passion projects turned into the keystones of our design portfolio. Combining the sophisticated touches of Latin American flair, the avant-garde boldness of New York’s finest, and the breezy sophistication of the Gold Coast, Solis Estudio stands as a beacon of innovative and inspiring commercial design.

Our goal at Solis Estudio is to transition from imaginative concept drawings to fully-realized building plans without a hitch. With a pragmatic yet passion-driven approach, we ensure that each commercial design project not only meets the practical requirements of your business but also captures the essence of your brand.