Home Design by Solis Estudio

Unlock the door to exceptional home design with Solis Estudio, your premier destination for design artistry and innovation on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re dreaming of a luxurious modern abode or a charming rustic retreat, Cesar Solis and his expert team bring your vision to life with unparalleled creativity and precision.



La Rosa is an epitome of Mediterranean romance, a home that carries the whispers of Southern Italy within its walls. Here craftsmanship meets delight, and European elegance takes on a tangible form, creating a symphony of romantic expressions where love is not just felt but lived.


Doasis is a stunning example of mid-century modern design that attracts attention with its elegant facade. The home draws from the Palm Springs aesthetic and adapts it to the Gold Coast, creating a distinctive style for the region.

Amazing Collab with both Directors from Solis Estudio  and Smub Studio



The concept of the design dwells in a central open space, a sky-reaching accessible atrium, that unifies the home.

Inspired by spacious and versatile rooms, clean lines, easy vertical and horizontal connections, and fluidity between the outdoors and in, the challenge of this design was to create something simple - but with great impact.


Come home to a breezy Bahamas inspired home. Classic sophistication meets colonial vibes that come across as effortless and calming. A single level family home with large open plan kitchen & entertaining lounge opening onto an expansive alfresco and plunge pool.

This home is elegant, timeless and inviting with décor that juxtaposes white with highly contrasting black, navy and browns. White shutters, louvre windows and exposed rafters re-create the style that is popular among the world’s best coastal homes.



The MARYLAND estate transports you to the romantic era of French nobility. This magnificent bespoke home has extraordinary detail throughout. Parisian inspired interiors customized to each room having their own language and expression. Discover a world where fantasy is the very fabric of its construction.


In the heart of Palm Beach stands EL NIDO, a contemporary sanctuary that embodies the essence of modern family living. A beacon on its corner block, the home is bathed in light through double-height corner glass, birthing an architectural street presence as striking as it is inviting. Arrayed in travertine, warm timber, and pristine white stone, EL NIDO soars, echoing the relaxed coastal narrative in its sublime façade and ambiance.



an eclectic homage to mid-century and tropical aesthetics, revolves around a life-giving courtyard, ensuring nature's integration with every breath of the home. Here, light and air are permanent guests, infusing the spaces with an elemental grace.


ATHENA emerges as a paragon of sleek, linear artistry, where sublime curves caress the edges of space, creating a symphony of minimalist purity. This architectural creation embodies the essence of fluidity, integrating each element into a seamless tableau of modern design.



Inspired by the glamour of Palm Springs, this luxury abode triumphs over design restrictions to present an oasis of light and air. Its central courtyard is the heart from which every space radiates serenity and reflects the culture and unique personality of the family.


The G-Club stands as an architectural marvel, a unique ultra-modern residence where opulence meets openness. Double-height living areas command awe, leading seamlessly to an expansive outdoor realm crowned by a cascading, multi-level resort pool, establishing this home as an entertainer's nirvana.



Embark on a sun-drenched odyssey with LA HACIENDA, a grand residence where Spanish heritage and Mediterranean finesse dance in harmony. Each space bathed in tradition, this palatial dwelling is crafted with the soul of a hacienda yet sings a serenade of cohesive family living, wrapped in the warmth of cultural splendour.


MONACO is where white-on-white simplicity melts into a bohemian rhapsody, resulting in a relaxed yet sophisticated sanctuary. Gaze upon the Gold Coast skyline from this canal-front oasis that sings the praises of elegance and leisure.



At the water's edge, PALM BEACH presents a modern tri-level home that pays homage to the ocean's grandeur. With direct access to sandy shores and designed to embrace uninterrupted sea vistas, this living sculpture captures the essence of coastal luxury.


Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, HALL echoes the timeless elegance of a traditional Hamptons home, integrating American charm with the landscape's natural gradients and bush setting. This residence embraces scenic terraces that offer diverse experiences amidst classic design.


Solis Estudio specializes in creating home designs that reflect your personal style while maintaining an effortless elegance. Our forward-thinking approach guarantees a timeless design that is as unique and individual as our clients. Also commercial spaces

Seamless Home Design Process – From Gold Coast to the World

Solis Estudio’s design process is seamless and client-focused, ensuring a stress-free journey from the first sketch to the final reveal. Our team’s proficiency in global design trends combined with a deep understanding of the Gold Coast lifestyle results in homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also harmoniously integrated with their surroundings.

Let Solis Estudio be the designer of your future, channelling the essence of global design into your Gold Coast home. Our dedication to excellence and innovation in home design is unmatched – where else will you find a Latin American soul, an international education, and a Gold Coast spirit all under one roof?

Embark on a journey of spaces with Cesar Solis – where each design is a statement, each space a sanctuary, and every home a dream. Contact us today to start crafting the home of your dreams.


A Mediterranean jewel home design . This beautiful home has the inspiration from Southern Italy with beautiful craftsmanship and a delightful European vibe. It is home design that express romance and elegance.

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Home Design by Solis estudio

Unlock the door to exceptional home design with Solis Estudio, your premier destination for design artistry and innovation on the Gold Coast. Whether you're dreaming of a luxurious modern abode or a charming rustic retreat, Cesar Solis and his expert team bring your vision to life with unparalleled creativity and precision.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Solis Approach

Cesar Solis has dedicated his career to the alchemy of turning dreams into reality. Trained international in divers architect and design Studios during his career , his exceptional talent in pushing the boundaries of home design ensures every space is a bespoke masterpiece. From concept to completion, your home design, or commercial space is in the hands of a visionary.

Cutting-Edge Home Design Techniques and Services

We utilize the latest in design technology to provide an array of services, from initial concept drawings to detailed building plans. Every aspect of our work is executed with meticulous care and a commitment to achieving the perfect balance of form and function for your home.

Expert Home Design Services with a Global Touch

At Solis Estudio, our world-class home design services offer a blend of local expertise and global design sensibilities, providing you with a home that's not only beautiful but also culturally enriched. With Cesar's extensive experiences in European, American, and Latin American architecture, we inject a unique international flair into every project.